[distcc] distcc 1.2.3 released

Martin Pool mbp at sourcefrog.net
Sat Mar 1 23:46:03 GMT 2003

Thankyou to everybody who sent bug reports or patches.

This release should fix "access denied" and other problems seen on
Cygwin and HP-UX.  I'd particularly like to hear from anyone who can
test on non-Linux platforms.

If this goes well I would like to put SSH and masquerading support
into the next release.


distcc-1.2.3  "stubborn tiny lights"  2003-03-02


* Don't use ':' in lock filenames, because that's a bit too tough for Windows.
  This only affects Cygwin clients, not servers.  Pointed out by Heiko Elger.

* Check existence of ctype.h.  Fixes warnings when building popt.
  Pointed out by Tom Matelich.

* Fix "access denied" errors on lock files on HP-UX and Cygwin, so clients on
  those platforms should work.  Reported by Tom Matelich, Heiko Elger and


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