[distcc] hpux locking

Tom Matelich tmatelich at zetec.com
Fri Feb 28 04:48:17 GMT 2003

I've verified permissions and deleted directories.  I have not tried
re-setting $TMPDIR.  Also, I wondered if maybe the problem is the zero byte
files.  One other thing was I noticed one of the files in the distcc temp
dir was not getting removed, but I haven't associated it with anything yet.

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> From: Martin Pool [mailto:mbp at sourcefrog.net]
> Sent: Thursday, February 27, 2003 1:05 PM
> To: Tom Matelich
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> Subject: Re: [distcc] New user / porting
> On 27 Feb 2003, Tom Matelich <tmatelich at zetec.com> wrote:
> > distcc[12132] (dcc_lock_host) ERROR: lock
> > .../distcc_000000dd/lock_cpu_localhost_0 failed: Permission denied
> > distcc[12132] (dcc_lock_host) locked
> > .../distcc_000000dd/lock_cpu_tcp_zetec11:3632_0
> > distcc[12132] (dcc_lock_host) locked
> > .../distcc_000000dd/lock_xmit_tcp_zetec11:3632_0
> Could you please have a look in that directory and see if there is a
> permission problem?  e.g. if the lock_cpu_localhost_0 file is owned by
> somebody else, or has strange permissions?
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> Martin

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