Ret: [distcc] distcc 1.2.2 released

Martin Pool mbp at
Thu Feb 27 11:23:10 GMT 2003

On 27 Feb 2003, Heiko_Elger at wrote:
> 1.) compilation works fine (in_addr_t undefined but it's a cygwin problem -
> patched but not released)
> 2.) Problem in dcc_make_lock_filename(): in cygwin you cannot use a ":" in a
> filename (its a WINDOOF problem).
>      please use an "_" as delimiter
>         asprintf(&buf, "%s/lock_%s_tcp_%s:%d_%d", tempdir, lockname,
> host->hostname,
>                  host->port, iter);

Oh, of course.  Thankyou.

> 3.) Still locking problem after using a "_" as delimiter:
> compiling in localhost works fine. (export DISTCC_HOSTS=localhost)
> but using export DISTCC_HOSTS=ad26085 I will get the following errors. ad26085
> is the name of my local host.

Can you please send a verbose log for this?


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