[distcc] New user / porting

Tom Matelich tmatelich at zetec.com
Wed Feb 26 23:29:10 GMT 2003

Sorry, funny how easy it is to assume everyone will know what you're talking

Pardon any odd type-os, I can't copy and paste to my email client, so I'm

I am trying to use distcc 1.2.1 on HP-UX 11i with gcc 3.2.
changes to source so far:
added to sendfile.c:
#elif defined(__hpux)
static ssize_t sys_sendfile(int ofd, int ifd, off_t *offset, size_t size)
	return sendfile(ofd, ifd, *offset, size, NULL, 0);
I have two boxes on my farm.  The remote box is listed as the first host in
DISTCC_HOSTS.  If I gmake, it successfully runs on the remote computer.  If
I specify two jobs, I get:
distcc[27938] (dcc_lock_host) ERROR: local
.../distcc_000000dd/lock_cpu_tcp_zetec11:3632_0 failed: Permission denied

I'm not positive whether farming is happening or not.  When I bump the
number of jobs up, I get many of these errors, for both cpu and xmit.

I'm using makefiles generated by qmake, and I've just substituted distcc g++
into the CXX var.

I'll try to get some debug logs in a bit.

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