[distcc] Re: Using cc1/cc1plus directly from distccd?

Stuart D. Gathman stuart at bmsi.com
Wed Feb 26 04:40:13 GMT 2003

Martin Pool wrote:

>I don't think I understand the case you're describing here.  If you
>use gcc as the compiler then you can only use gas for the assembler,
>and probably vice-versa for the IBM compiler.
>It doesn't generally seem to work well to mix toolchains.  
This depends on the platform.  On AIX, gcc defaults to using the IBM 

>I think most gccs can only emit GNU assembly, which is often
>incompatible with other as's for the same platform.
gcc emits whatever asm syntax is in the MD file.  For AIX, the MD file 
has IBM syntax.  There are other platforms with entrenched native 
assembler/object formats where gcc also defaults to the native assembler.

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