[distcc] Re: Finding peers: zeroconf/rendezvous?

Martin Pool mbp at samba.org
Wed Feb 26 03:00:21 GMT 2003

On 25 Feb 2003, Bret Mogilefsky <mogul at gelatinous.com> wrote:

> You caught me out, it's a hypothetical one.  =)  Here's my motivation: I
> manage PlayStation2 developer support.

T-shirts from happy users are always welcome, you know. ;-)

> The compiler for the PS2 is gcc, and various game developers have
> complained about it being slow.  I'd like to include distcc with gcc
> to make this less of a problem.

OK, I can see how that would help.

Unfortunately there is a dilemma here: pick one:

 A - people have to manually configure distcc

 B - people have two very slightly different gcc binaries in
     circulation, and so their builds fail in confusing and subtle

It is very unfortunate that B can occur, but because of e.g. vendors
patching gcc without updating the version number, it has happened.
(Perhaps Sony would never be so naughty :-)

So at the moment I'm inclined towards explicit configuration, but I'm
not closing off the other one.

> Yes, Apple's distribution includes command-line mDNS examples, and that's
> probably the first thing to try.  The real benefit, though, would be to
> put this in distcc itself... Then it could use DISTCC_HOSTS as explicit
> additions to any hosts it finds by itself via zeroconf.

I will add the feature of reading hosts from a file soon, which might
help with that.

 /etc/distcc/hosts patch


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