[distcc] distcc 1.2 released

Martin Pool mbp at sourcefrog.net
Sat Feb 22 10:44:17 GMT 2003

distcc-1.2 is released.  Thanks to everybody who contributed patches.

I'm interested in hearing how the new scheduling mechanism works for
people with different hardware.  Hopefully the new --allow option will
be useful too.


distcc-1.2  "lizard drinking"  2003-02-22


    * New scheduler makes a better attempt at keeping remote machines solidly
      loaded by allowing only one request at a time to be in transit to remote
      machines, therefore letting the actual compiler start sooner.  Gives
      about a 10% improvement in some circumstances.  The new algorithm should
      also be a better foundation for adding compression or server-side load

    * New --allow option for distccd allows IP-based access control in either
      inetd or standalone daemon modes.

    * Locking mechanism now distinguishes between daemons on different ports
      of the same machine for the purposes of load balancing.

    * Print timing and estimated rate on bulk data transfers.

    * Open binary files in O_BINARY mode on Cygwin.  May fix some corruption
      problems on this platform.  More investigation would be appreciated.
      Based on a patch by Helind.


    * Use putenv() rather than setenv() to fit into SUSv2 and work on Solaris
      8.  Pointed out by Dimitri Papadopoulos.

    * Add some functions from libiberty to aid portability. 

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