[distcc] please try distcc head's new scheduler

Julien Letessier mezis at free.fr
Fri Feb 14 09:25:15 GMT 2003

On Friday, Feb 14, 2003, at 05:50 Europe/Paris, Martin Pool wrote:

> After some good suggestions from Rusty I think the 1.2cvs scheduler is
> now fixed.  My measurements show it's no slower and perhaps a little
> faster than in 1.1 for fast networks, and it should be better for slow
> ones.

I skipped quite abruptly from 0.12 (?) to 1.2cvs because I used to have 
a TCP load-balancer to distribute the load UNevenly. AFAIK, the 
scheduler works perfectly -- on my medium-sized project (>300 C/C++ 
source files) and small 100M LAN segment (3 machines). Setup is now 
simpler, and I measured some speed gains (about 10-15%).

>   DISTCC_HOSTS='localhost/2 superego/16'

I'm a bit new to distcc -- I mainly use it in a small lab environment 
with few (3-5) machines with very different perfs. Couldn't distcc sort 
of balance the load depending on how fast the machines are?
I currently use a simple equation, max tasks = cpus * 2 (as suggested 
in the documentation), but I'm not sure if this is the best solution, 
and it certainly isn't scalable...

Anyways, distcc rules,
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