[distcc] DocBook version of distcc manual

Frerich Raabe raabe at kde.org
Fri Jan 31 00:19:36 GMT 2003


I just finished a first conversion of the distcc manual to DocBook 4.2 XML,
which is IMHO the most appropriate (and the nicest) format for such a task.
I noticed that the TODO file suggests using DocBook Lite, but that is only
appropriate for short documents, like articles, so this version uses the
"full blown" DocBook, which I don't perceive as overkill.

While I was busy converting the document (and god knows I'm no expert with
this, I didn't even write a single megabyte of docbook markup yet), I also
tried to correct a few errors in the documentation, such as typos; sometimes
I was able to correct actual errors in the documentation (like, 4200 is not
the default port anymore).

In order to keep the traffic limit, I uploaded the file for your reference
at http://www.student.uni-oldenburg.de/frerich.raabe/distcc.docbook - this
markup gets transferred into e.g. HTML by passing it and an appropriate
XSLT stylesheet (as available from http://docbook.sourceforge.net) to an
XSLT processor (I use 'xsltproc', which IIRC is part of the libxml package).

I uploaded a sample set of HTML pages generated from the DocBook source file,
and the XSLT stylesheets as available in
(I used the "html/chunk.xsl" stylesheet, which generates HTML, multiple files)
as well, you can view it at

In any case, I would appreciate it if people could look through this, help
spot typos, inaccurate or suboptimal expressions, and perhaps suggest

- Frerich

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