[distcc] list filtering

Martin Pool mbp at samba.org
Tue Jan 28 06:52:26 GMT 2003

Because of the enormous amount of traffic being generated by Windows
viruses[0] I have turned on Mailman attachment filtering on the
high-traffic samba.org lists.

Lists will now pass only text/plain MIME parts through to the list.
multipart/alternative messages with both text and html forms will have
the HTML form removed, and messages in only HTML will be squashed to
text.  Messages which cannot be handled in any of these ways will be

To send patches or log files to the list, you need to either insert
them inline into your message, or make sure they're marked as
text/plain.  On most systems, just making the name be *.txt should be

I hope everybody's enjoying their SQL Server experience :-)

samba.org postmaster

[0] ... automated notifications about viruses, users complaining about
viruses, users complaining about automated notification, users
complaining about users complaining, scanners complaining about
perfectly ordinary attachments, etc

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