[distcc] distcc 1.1 released

Martin Pool mbp at sourcefrog.net
Mon Jan 27 14:42:53 GMT 2003

(The release name, incidentally, is not rude.  It refers to the metal
balls on the governor of a steam engine moving out under centrifugal
force at high speed. :-)


distcc-1.1  "balls to the wall"  2003-01-28


    * Flag platforms that have a sendfile() function, but that aren't
      explicitly supported, because it seems to vary substantially.  At the
      moment only FreeBSD and Linux are known.

    * Fix configure test for hstrerror().  Patch from Frerich Raabe.

    * Check for inadvertent recursion, where distcc calls itself as the
      compiler.  Causes an exit with value 111.

    * Don't log client hostname, only the IP address.  It's not really
      necessary and can slow us down.

    * If run by root, discard privileges rather than flagging an error.  The
      persona to assume is set by the --user option and defaults to "distcc".
      The user "nobody" or uid 65534 is used as a fallback if the named user
      is not found.


    * Allow for running benchmarks repeatedly, printing the mean and standard
      deviation of run time.

    * Projects may now be selected by an unambiguous prefix of their name, so
      you can just say "benchmark hello" rather than "benchmark hello-2.1.1".

    * Print better explanatory messages while the benchmark is running.


    * Update some tests to work with changed behaviour of gcc 3.2 as well as


    * Many updates to distcc User Manual.

    * Comply with GNU Standards by keeping all messages in the NEWS file, not
      just those for the current release.


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