[distcc] Linux boot CDs with DistCC?

Lotas Smartman lotas at lotas.tk
Wed Jan 22 20:33:01 GMT 2003

I have a windows box at home, and 2 more on the way, and i also have 2 
linux boxen. My linux boxen are AMD k6-2 450, and athlon 1.3gz. the win 
box i have now is a duron 700, and the 2 new ones will be P2 350s. I 
cant really install Cygwin on any of the systems, as they have limited 
space. my question is, does anyone know of a distro that can boot from 
CD, has network support (which one doesent!) and also has GCC and DistCC 
installed and operational? this could be very handy for me. when the 3 
win boxen arnt being used, i could get them building stuff for the 
server, which is the slowest linux box on the network.
Any ideas?
Lotas T Smartman, CTO
LSN, Dublin, Ireland
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