[distcc] Re: distcc question

Martin Pool mbp at sourcefrog.net
Fri Jan 17 22:28:00 GMT 2003


Thanks for trying distcc.  Please write to the list in future, so that
other people can benefit from the discussion.

On 17 Jan 2003, Steve Hay <hays at rpi.edu> wrote:
>    Sorry to bother you, but I was wondering about distcc.   I compiled 
> it on my slack box and got a error about the multiline printf in dopt.c 
> (line 114 thereabouts)..  Anyways, I commented that out and got it to 
> compile with gcc 3.2, but the program doesn't seem to want to work locally.
> I tried the kernel, with export $DISTCC_HOSTS='localhost' then make -j2 
> CC='distcc' .. 

Running with only $DISTCC_HOSTS='localhost' is an OK way to test that
distcc is working, but of course it won't actually be any faster,
since programs are only built locally.  In this case distcc just
provides a thin wrapper around gcc.

> and got errors about missing files.   Strangely, I could 
> successfully use distcc from another box to compile the kernel (2.4), 
> using this same box as one of the servers.

You really need to get into the habit of quoting the actual error
messages when reporting a problem.  Please read this:


At a guess, you have not run "make config" or "make dep" in the kernel

> I'm not quite sure what's going on, whether its a library problem (I 
> built gcc 3.2 myself on this machine with default options: lots of 
> 2.95.x libraries) or what.   If you think this is a bug, please let me 
> know if there is anything I can do/run to fix it.

I really can't speculate without seeing the error message.

You might try writing and compiling a hello world program, and see if
that works or not.
> If not, I will continue to attempt to find the problem.  Also, do you 
> have any recommendations for how to run this on an insecure network? 
> (i.e. college campus)

Wait a month or two for ssh support.


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