[distcc] distcc 1.0 released!

Martin Pool mbp at samba.org
Thu Jan 16 01:00:01 GMT 2003

distcc 1.0 has just been released.  I think the project is now at a
level of stability to deserve the 1.x tag.

The changes to the program itself from 0.15 are intentionally quite
small, so as to increase the chance of a stable 1.0 release.  The only
bug fix is for a problem with sendfile on BSD systems.  People using
that platform should upgrade.

The macrobenchmark is reasonably solid, although still scantily
documented.  People may be interested to try it to get an indication
of how distcc performs in their environment.

Thanks to everybody who has sent bug reports, patches, or

distcc-1.0  "consider the oyster"  2003-01-16


    * Fix sendfile() bug on FreeBSD that could cause files to be
      mistransmitted.  Perhaps not manifest on x86?  Reported by Kris


    * Distribute as .tar.bz2 rather than .tar.gz.  (We pay by the byte.)


    * The recommended convention for gcc names is <target>-gcc-<version>, and
      GCC 3.3 will install itself under this name.  (Alexandre Oliva, Claes


    * New macro-benchmark and test suite for distcc.  Invoke it with "make
      benchmark."  It takes a long time to run and causes a lot of source code
      to be downloaded, but should be self-contained.

      This is the start of a script that runs distcc to build various open
      source programs, as an overall test of correctness, and to measure
      performance of a distcc installation.  It relies on the user to install
      and configure distcc servers and clients, but handles the work of
      downloading, preparing, and building packages by itself.

      There are still some rough edges on the script, but it may be of


    * Remove Plucker file: nobody seems to be downloading it, and it's
      easy enough for people to build if they're interested.

    * Remove PDF and Postscript from documentation in tarball.  They are still
      available from the web site or may be built from source.


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