[distcc] Preprocessed output to make's stdout instead of to remote distccd

Terry Griffin terryg at axian.com
Mon Sep 30 19:15:01 GMT 2002

Hello. Just joining the list.

With both 0.11 and the latest from CVS, I've got an in-house
project that won't cooperate with distcc. The compiler is
gcc 3 (invoked as gcc3/g++3 for C/C++ respectively) from Red
Hat 7.2 RPMS. The OS is Red Hat Linux 7.3. The make utility
is GNU Make 3.79.

The symptom is that preprocessed compiler output is being
sent to make's stdout instead to the distccd hosts. This is
confirmed on the host side where distccd logs getting source
files of size zero (which it happily compiles).

I've seen this one other time, when I tried to used distcc
to compile itself. I figured that was a pretty weird thing
to do so I didn't worry about it. That was with gcc 2 instead
of 3.

Any ideas? What make, gcc, or distcc option/feature/bug
would cause this?

Terry Griffin

Terry Griffin
Axian Inc.

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