[distcc] distcc gives sixfold speedup

Tim Small tim at digitalbrain.com
Mon Sep 30 12:33:00 GMT 2002

Martin Pool wrote:

>>6. Any other observations:
>>     If (say, due to a reboot) distccd isn't running on the distccd
>>     servers, "make -j 24" ends up spawning 24 copies of g++ on the
>>     build master, which harms interactive response, to put it
>>     lightly.  (it sometimes takes a few 10s of seconds to get control
>>     back to kill the make)
This was an issue with our old perl+ssh+lvs based distribution scheme. 
 What I did was add a switch to the perl script, so that it returned 0 
or 1 depending on whether distributed compiles were "available" in a 
general sort of way.  Our build scheme used this, and then set -j 8 or 
-j 1, depending on what it got back...

It was on my TODO list to get it return a general "this is how many CPUs 
I have available" type number, but I never got around to it ;-).


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