[distcc] some questions

Amir Tal tal at whatsup.org.il
Sun Sep 29 18:39:00 GMT 2002


i was wondering if you can answer some of those questions for me :

i installed distcc on my home network (4 machines).
as for now, i am compiling most of the things on my workstation, and running 
distccd on another server to test performance.

1) i noticed that when you start a make proccess, the remote distccd recieves 
10-15 connections from my host (which is good) and those proccesses die after 
a while. this is a long compilation (kdelibs) and after the initial 
proccesses die, i cannot see any new one's coming in. is this normal ?
it seems as if after a while (2-3 minuets) distcc stops working and only my 
local gcc is still compiling.

2) another machine i want to add to this "cluster" is my firewall. its not a 
very powerfull one, but it can help speed things up a little more ;)
are there any knows security issues with distcc ? how stupid will it be to run 
it on a server that acts as a firewall ?

3) in my machine, i've added to my .bashrc :

export CC=/usr/local/bin/distcc
export cc=/usr/local/bin/distcc
export DISTCC_HOSTS=' localhost'

if i want to add another host to DISTCC_HOSTS, what will be the manner that 
distcc will access the remote servers ? if the entry will be :

export DISTCC_HOSTS=' localhost', then it will try to 
distribute the jobs in that order, or is there any other method it uses ?
also, is this the only way to set prioroty ?

4)when starting a compilation, the howto says to use -j8 .
is this optimal ? anything else i should be using for better performance ?

all the machines run debian linux, gcc 2.9.5 . (btw - are there any issues 
about upgrading to 3.2 ?)


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