[distcc] distcc 0.11 released

Martin Pool mbp at samba.org
Wed Sep 25 02:37:00 GMT 2002

Thankyou to everyone who contributed changes, test results, or


distcc-0.11  "Nuclear Bedtime Story"  2002-09-25


    * More helpful message explaining that popt is needed if it is missing at
      build time.  (Martin Pool)
    * Better stripping of options from remote command lines.  (Martin Pool)

    * Handle the new -MM, -MG, -MP, -MF, -MT, -MQ options for gcc 3.x.
      (Stephan Kulow, Martin Pool)


    * Whenever a command by either the client or the server, it counts towards
      the load on that machine.  This covers undistributed commands, cpp, and
      compilation.  This should avoid the bias in earlier versions towards
      overloading the client.  (Martin Pool)


    * IO errors should not cause the process to terminate straight away,
      because they are properly handled and we may have important cleanup to
      do.  (Martin Pool)

    * Fix error handling in code for executing compilers.  (Martin Pool)

    * Fix leakage of file descriptors when trying to acquire a lock.  (Martin

    * Do not object to running as group 0, because on BSD this is "wheel" and
      many non-privileged users are in it.  (Frerich Raabe, Martin Pool)

    * Fix (non-exploitable) buffer overrun bug.  (Dave Zarzycki)


    * Fixes to build on Linux libc5.  (Richard Zidlicky, Martin Pool)


    * Keep $TMPDIR separate for each test case.  (Martin Pool)

    * testdistcc.py now optionally takes arguments saying which tests to run.
      (Martin Pool)

    * Test permissions on output files are correct.  (Martin Pool)

    * Add more test cases for implicit compiler name handling.  Extend
      h_scanargs to exercise this.  (Martin Pool)

    * More tests for argument stripping.  (Martin Pool)

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