[distcc] central controller (was Re: distcc 0.10.1 - bugfixes for Solaris)

joerg.beyer at email.de joerg.beyer at email.de
Thu Sep 19 06:48:09 GMT 2002

distcc at samba.org schrieb am 19.09.02 03:25:06:
> On 18 Sep 2002, Gerhard Kutzelnigg <gerry at kutzelnigg.de> wrote:
> > One other thing I was thinking about was to do something with the
> > distribution mechanism in distcc.
> I've updated the FAQ discussing a central controller:
>   http://distcc.samba.org/faq.html#central-controller
> I realize it might sound a bit grumpy, but I really don't like
> premature optimization.

well, I still believe that there may be scenarios where a central
controller might help. I am not sure about that, so I started as an
experiment http://gecc.sf.net 

Please note that my experiment is not ready or ment to compete with
Martins distcc - it's just another try on the same problem. If anybody
of you is not afraid of rough code, then you might like to take a look
at it or even contribute (code or ideas).


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