[distcc] re: distributed compiler cache

joerg.beyer at email.de joerg.beyer at email.de
Thu Sep 12 13:08:01 GMT 2002

MartinPool <mbp at samba.org> schrieb am 12.09.02 15:00:04:
> > ok, now I see: if one process has a stats file locked and another
> > process will lock the same stats file, than the second process
> > will silently fail, because the fcntl(fd, F_SETLKW, &fl) in
> > util.c:lock_fd() will fail. Is this a problem? I am not sure.
> It won't fail.  It will pause until the lock can be taken.

from the man page:
              Like F_SETLK, but instead of returning an error  we
              wait for the lock to be released.  If a signal that
              is to be caught is received while fcntl is waiting,
              it is interrupted and (after the signal handler has
              returned) returns immediately (with return value -1
              and errno set to EINTR).

could fcntl return -1 with errno == EINTR in our situation?

> At work we have several build machines which are shared by my
> colleague and I.  They run as me, but they work for both of us.  If
> they ran ccache through distccd it would work just as well. 

is your colleague compiling under his uid or under your uid?


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