[distcc] Re: hi, diff to make libtool working.

Martin Pool mbp at sourcefrog.net
Wed Sep 11 22:25:00 GMT 2002

On 11 Sep 2002, Holger Schr?der <holger at holgis.net> wrote:
> Hi,
> i just wrote the patch you mentioned for the libtool problem, works fine 
> for me, well, kde ist still compiling, but i think it will run...

Oh, good.

> the patch itself it quite simple. the idea behind is:
> keep the normal CC="distcc gcc" behavior,
> add CC=distgcc and CXX=distg++ functionality. in these cases distcc 
> changes argc[0] to be the needed program instead of dropping it.
> the Makefile creates symlinks for the other names, under which the prog 
> should be reached.

Actually I fixed that in CVS yesterday night before you wrote.  (Sorry
to waste your time :-/).  My change doesn't check argv[0], which I
think is better because doing so is a bit problematic.  

It is a step about halfway towards being able to call distcc
"~/bin/gcc", and then have it call "gcc.real".

> btw: i didn't find any mention of the fact, that distributing g++ 
> commands, only gcc. to me it seems that it g++ works too, or is there 
> any reason, why one should not use it?

No, it works fine.  That's what I mean by saying it supports C++.

By the way, C++ // comments don't work in some C compilers, so it's
best to avoid them in C programs.


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