[distcc] Re: Make GNOME Fast!

Nick Moffitt nick at zork.net
Sun Sep 8 04:23:01 GMT 2002

begin  Jeff Waugh  quotation:
> <quote who="Martin Pool">
> > The other thing that would help it would be to increase the level
> > of parallelism in GARNOME.  For example, you could compile gtk+
> > while you are downloading libgnome.  This would help even for
> > people without distcc, and for distcc it should be a big boost.
> > Of course it will make it a little more complex, but no worse than
> > -j in general.
> Yeah, good call. I'm going to look into this once I've upgraded to
> latest upstream.

	It's a tough problem, and one that I'd like to see solved
portably.  Some individual packages, for example, are not internally
parallelizable, and the system would need to be smart about
dependencies.  We'd probably need to set up some sort of external
locking mechanism, and that makes me kind of queasy.

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