FIN_WAIT1 bug with RH 6 (Re: [distcc] distcc 0.9 released)

Martin Pool mbp at
Thu Sep 5 04:44:22 GMT 2002

On  4 Sep 2002, "Hien D. Ngo" <hien at> wrote:
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> distcc continues to run on my RH 6 test boxes, but now leaves a ton of FIN_WAIT1 
> processes around (284 total at last count.)  My RH 7.2/7.3 boxes don't exhibit this 
> problem and are still running without problems as of this writing.

If you can get a tcpdump that would be really good.  Is it
reproducible by causing a cpp failure?  If so, perhaps just setting up
a little file with a bad #include line, and then running "tcpdump tcp
port 4200" should do.


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