Minor bug "failed to make fifo error" resulting from left-over cruft (Was: [distcc] distcc 0.9 released)

Hien D. Ngo hien at moses.xp.com
Wed Sep 4 16:52:00 GMT 2002

Got this error when trying to run with distcc 0.9.  Looks like I had cruft left over 
from many older compiles that got in the way in /tmp.  Any way to make 
distcc/distccd clean up after itself or more resiliant?  Or is this cleanup 
something that should be done by a sysadmin-ish cron job?  For now, I'm just making 
the cleanup part of my distccd startup script.

I'm running tests with 0.9 now.  My RH 6 boxes seem to be working just fine (almost 
24 hours now.)  Re-running the RH 7 test now after cleaning out the left-over cruft 
in /tmp.

Keeping my fingers crossed...


$ ls -l /tmp/distcc_00002493/server_0011496.ii
prw-------    1 ngoh     fir             0 Aug 20 
11:21 /tmp/distcc_00002493/server_0011496.ii

tail /tmp/distcc.log
distccd[11496] (dcc_accept_job) Warning: failed to make 
fifo /tmp/distcc_00002493/server_0011496.ii: File exists
distccd[11496] (dcc_accept_job) continuing without fifo

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From:		Martin Pool
Date:		Tue 9/3/02 2:41
To:		distcc at lists.samba.org
Subject:	[distcc] distcc 0.9 released

This has a lot of fairly small bug fixes to try to address the
problems reported last week.  

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