[distcc] using distcc to speed up gcc bootstraps

Neil Booth neil at daikokuya.co.uk
Fri Aug 23 23:11:01 GMT 2002

Alexandre Oliva wrote:-

> How do you know what is the current directory and what is the original
> file name?  Are you suggesting more than one string or something like
> that?  *That* would be backward-incompatible, which is something I've
> tried to avoid.

Yes, have two strings, with the second one optional and only valid at
the start of a preprocessed file.  Just an idea; I think it's cleaner.
It is backwards compatible.

> > Why did your patch remove the gettext calls on the pseudo file names?
> Because other parts of the compiler compare source filenames with
> <built-in>, so those strings shouldn't be subject to translation.

I don't think they should be doing that.  Why do they feel the need
to do that?  

> Also, you wouldn't want them to be handled differently if you get a
> file preprocessed with another language enabled, would you?

No, but remember that file names appear in diagnostics.


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