[distcc] distcc and ccache problems

Marcus Gruendler gruendler at tamalin.de
Mon Aug 12 05:45:14 GMT 2002

Martin Pool wrote:
> This probably means the server has exited unexpectedly.  Could you
> please have a look in the server's log file?

Hmm, the server is still working on the remote machine. When I do a compile 
without ccache, distcc does its job fine.

Here is what the corresponding server spits into its log file with --verbose, 
when using it together with ccache:

distccd[30183] (dcc_log_clientname) connection from machine0 (xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx)
distccd[30183] (dcc_r_argv) reading 21 arguments from job submission
distccd[30183] (dcc_r_argv) argv[0] = "gcc"
distccd[30183] (dcc_r_argv) argv[1] = "-c"
distccd[30183] (dcc_r_argv) argv[2] = "-Wall"
distccd[30183] (dcc_r_argv) argv[3] = "-g"
distccd[30183] (dcc_r_argv) argv[4] = "-fPIC"
distccd[30183] (dcc_r_argv) argv[5] = "-ftemplate-depth-27"
distccd[30183] (dcc_r_argv) argv[6] = "-o"
distccd[30183] (dcc_r_argv) argv[7] = "/tmp/ccache/tmp.hash.26282.o"
distccd[30183] (dcc_r_argv) argv[9] = "/tmp/ccache/tmp.stdout.26282.ii"
distccd[30183] (dcc_scan_args) scanning arguments: gcc -c -Wall -g -fPIC 
distccd[30183] (dcc_scan_args) found object file "/tmp/ccache/tmp.hash.26282.o"
distccd[30183] (dcc_scan_args) found input file "/tmp/ccache/tmp.stdout.26282.ii"
distccd[30183] compile from /tmp/ccache/tmp.stdout.26282.ii to 
distccd[30183] input file /tmp/ccache/tmp.stdout.26282.ii, output file 
distccd[30183] (dcc_set_input) command before: gcc -c -Wall -g -fPIC 
distccd[30183] (dcc_set_input) changed input from 
"/tmp/ccache/tmp.stdout.26282.ii" to "/tmp/distcc_539/server_0030183(null)"
distccd[30183] (dcc_set_input) command after: gcc -c -Wall -g -fPIC 
distccd[30183] (dcc_set_output) changed output from 
"/tmp/ccache/tmp.hash.26282.o" to "/tmp/distcc_539/server_0030183.out"
distccd[30183] (dcc_set_output) command after: gcc -c -Wall -g -fPIC 
distccd[30183] (dcc_spawn_child) entered
distccd[30183] (dcc_spawn_child) forking to execute gcc -c -Wall -g -fPIC 
distccd[30183] (dcc_spawn_child) child started as pid30184
distccd[30183] ERROR: (dcc_r_file) failed to create 
/tmp/distcc_539/server_0030183(null): Interrupted system call
distccd[30183] (dcc_exit) exit: code 0; self: 0.010000 user 0.010000 sys; 
children: 0.000000 user 0.000000 sys
distccd[30180] (dcc_reap_kids) down to 0 kids
distccd[30180] (dcc_reap_kids) child 30183 exited: status 0
distccd[30180] (dcc_parent_loop) waiting to accept connection

Bye, Marcus

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