[distcc] Re: distcc and SMP machines

Martin Pool mbp at samba.org
Tue Aug 6 04:28:01 GMT 2002

On  5 Aug 2002, "Kurt J. Lidl" <lidl at pix.net> wrote:
> I just read through all the distcc docs -- pretty interesting.
> I think I'll give it a whirl a little later today.
> I read that using distcc with multi-processor machines isn't
> handled quite as well as it could be.  In particular, using
> a combination of multi-processor and uni-processor machines
> might be problematic.
> A thought that occured to me, and ought to be easy to implement
> is the following:
> - install network aliases for the second, third, ... processors
>   on each machine
> - run a different distccd daemon on different ports, one daemon
>   per processor
> - list the different aliases for the machines in the hosts list,
>   just differentiating between the different ports

Yes, either of those would work as a stop-gap.

> This is someone cumbersome, but probably would work OK.  It would
> be cooler to have a syntax that allowed for users to specify the
> number of "leaky buckets" that a machine should be modeled by,
> in the list of hosts:
> 	DISTCC_HOSTS="3 at 32 at sparccenter.example.com"

Yes, I am planning to do that soon, though not with quite that syntax.

> Also, I didn't see a way of specifying the port number to try to
> contact on the compile server hosts for the distccd in the HTML
> docuementation.

That feature is present but you are correct that I haven't put it in
the manual yet.  Just use

  "sparc:4200 sparc:4201 sparc:4202"


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