[distcc] Re: distcc for Cygwin?

Martin Pool mbp at sourcefrog.net
Thu Aug 1 04:02:02 GMT 2002

On  1 Aug 2002, Marco Alanen <marco at sbg.se> wrote:
> Hello again
> I've done some researching and solved one of the problems.
> Change in clinet.c line... around 106:
> from
>   sock_out.sin_family = (sa_family_t) PF_INET;
> to
>   #ifndef __CYGWIN__
>     sock_out.sin_family = (sa_family_t) PF_INET;
>   #else
>     sock_out.sin_family = PF_INET;
>   #endif

Thanks, I'll put something like that in the next release.

> Then there is a problem in where.c:140. "No supported lock method".
> No idea of how to solve that one :/

Could you have a quick look in the headers and see if fcntl and
F_SETLK are supported on Cygwin?  If they are, I will send you a patch
to use that instead.


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