[distcc] 0.5rc2

Claes Wallin clawa570 at cyd.liu.se
Sat Jul 6 08:29:02 GMT 2002

> Great.  How are you cross-compiling?  Just with something like this?
>   distcc gcc-linux-x86 -c foo.c

Yes. The cross-compilers and native compilers are named according to the standard cross-compiler naming scheme, so 'i686-linux-gcc' on the Linux box runs the native compiler (actually gcc-3.1 -> i686-linux-gcc is a symlink) and on the FreeBSD box it runs the Linux cross-compiler. I guess I could use the native FreeBSD-compiler for creating Linux object files, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to have a crosscompiler in case I would find some reason to run a Linux build on that box. ;-)

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