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Subject: [EXTERNAL] What is ADWS?

hi Dochelp.

I thought for a long time that Active Directory Web Services (ADWS) was not
fully documented because it the documentation talked about SOAP while the
wire packets are in a binary format that doesn't look at all like XML.

But then I found [MC-NBFX] and [MC-NBFS] and it all fell into place. I think.

What I want to ask is:

Is it broadly correct to say ADWS is mostly described in [MS-ADDM], but the
wire packets have been transformed using the encoding described in [MS-NBFS]
(which describes a specialisation of [MS-NBFX])?

There are other things that extend it various ways ([MS-WSDS], [MS-WSPELD],
[MS-ADCAP], etc), but [MS-ADDM] and [MS-NBFS] are the main ones?

Is there some documentation that links the two together? I note they don't
mention each other.

I don't need a long answer, unless I am completely on the wrong track.

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