[cifs-protocol] [MS-SMB2] sign for FSCTL_QUERY_NETWORK_INTERFACE_INFO - TrackingID#2404170040007704

Jones Syue 薛懷宗 jonessyue at qnap.com
Thu Jun 6 01:47:35 UTC 2024

> The engineering team stated that this section should cover the signing of
> FSCTL_QUERY_NETWORK_INTERFACE_INFO requests. If you have any additional
> questions, please let me know.

Hello Kristian,
Sorry for my blunt :) A question about this description[1][2]:
'Windows-based clients do *not* selectively sign requests.'
Per my test  looks like Windows-based clients did selectively sign ioctl
FSCTL_QUERY_NETWORK_INTERFACE_INFO requests, my test result seems a bit 
inconsistent with what [MS-SMB2] said, could you help clarify whether this
is my misunderstanding about [MS-SMB2] 6 Appendix <104>.
Thank you :)

[1] Quoted from [MS-SMB2] Signing the Message
If Session.SigningRequired is FALSE, the client MAY<104> sign the request.

[2] Quoted from [MS-SMB2] 6 Appendix A: Product Behavior
<104> Section A client can selectively sign requests, 
and the server will sign the corresponding responses. 
Windows-based clients do not selectively sign requests.


Jones Syue | 薛懷宗
QNAP Systems, Inc.

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