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Hi Joseph,

Thank you for your email. We have created SR 2310190040000616 to track this issue. One of our engineers will respond soon. 

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Hi dochelp,

[MS-KILE], “TGS Exchange”, states that if during a TGS Exchange an Authentication Policy with ‘AllowedToAuthenticateTo’ is in effect, the user and device PACs must be used to perform an access check: if the access check succeeds, a service ticket is issued to the client; if it fails, the KDC returns KDC_ERR_POLICY.

However, I have found that Windows Server 2019, acting as a RWDC,
*always* returns KDC_ERR_POLICY if the client’s TGT presented to the KDC has been issued by an RODC.

If no ‘AllowedToAuthenticateTo’ policy is enforced, or the client’s TGT has been issued by a RWDC, the TGS‐REQ exchange is successful.

As far as I can tell, this behaviour — disallowing the combination of authentication policies and RODC‐issued tickets — is not documented anywhere. Is matching this behaviour important for the correct and secure operation of MS-KILE implementations? and if so, can it be clearly documented in [MS-KILE]?


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