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Hi Andrew:
The information in the reserved and flags field in not really interesting for anyone who does not have access to Windows source code. The reserved filed has file number and line number in it where the error is generated.
The flags field can have only two values.
0x1 is already documented. 0x2 means that the error is encoded in ASN.1

If you ever saw 0x2 on the wire, please let me know and I'll file a bug to include it in the document.

Obaid Farooqi
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Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your question. We've created case #2305240040010867 to track this case. One of our engineers will contact you soon.

Mike Bowen
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Subject: [EXTERNAL] Kerberos e-data NTSTATUS encoding

Per my call with Jeff and Obiad today:

My one question comes from Joseph who is working on Kerberos for us:

The NTSTATUS structure in the Kerberos e-data field.  Where is this packing defined, and what the second two fields are used for?

The first one that's always zero, and the second one that appears to be flags.

only says the data-value field contains extended, implementation-specific error information.


Even if Microsoft clients do not use this, we have found in the real world that third party clients rely on this behaviour, so we need to know what else might be encoded here.


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