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Subject: [EXTERNAL] Flags field in [MS-SMB2] 2.2.14 SMB2 CREATE Response?

Hello dochelp,

[ms-smb2] 2.2.14 defines the flags field in the create response as SMB2_CREATE_FLAG_REPARSEPOINT (0x01) when the last component of a file opened is a reparse point. Receiving an SMB2 CREATE Request

confirms this: If Connection.Dialect belongs to the SMB 3.x dialect family and Open.LocalOpen is a reparse point, set the SMB2_CREATE_FLAG_REPARSEPOINT bit in the Flags field.

Attached find a network trace against Windows 2016 (build 14393.5648) that seems to behave differently. Frame 14 returns STOPPED_ON_SYMLINK with an unparsed path length of 0. Frame 15 reopens the file with OPEN_REPARSE_POINT. The FileAttributes field in Frame 16 shows this, but the "flags" field according to [ms-smb2] 2.2.14 is 0.

Can you explain if my interpretation of [ms-smb2] is wrong?



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