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Hi Douglas,

I'll be looking into this issue for you. I'll reach out when I have more information.


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Hi Douglas,

Thank you for the question. We have created SR 2212170040000207 to track this issue. One of our engineers will respond soon to assist.

Best regards,
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Subject: [EXTERNAL] [MS-DTYP] conditional ACE SDDL sid arrays

hi Dochelp,

I am working on conditional ACES for Samba. The documentation is mostly very clear, but I have one question prompted by example 3 in, which deals with the encoding of this SDDL snippet:

> (@User.clearanceLevel>=@Resource.requiredClearance) ||
> (Member_of{SID(BA)})

where the 'Member_of{SID(BA)}' becomes a composite token containing the single SID, followed by the Member_of operator. So far this makes sense.

However, earlier, in ('Relational Operator Tokens') we have

> The operand type MUST be either a SID literal, or a composite, each of
> whose elements is a SID literal.

which is also clear. But the ABNF in ('Syntax') look like

> memberof-op = ( "Member_of" / ... ) wspace sid-array

and sid-array is

> sid-array = literal-SID [wspace] / "{" [wspace] literal-SID [wspace] *( "," [wspace] literal-SID [wspace]) "}"

so *syntactically*, this (a literal-SID without the curly brackets)

     (Member_of SID(BA))

would also refer to a sid-array. Thus here's the question: would this last form be compiled as a composite value (as implied by "sid-array") or would it be a solitary SID?

And if doesn't result in a solitary SID, how would such a SID be represented in SDDL, or is that not possible?

The wider question is whether, for valid conditonal aces, an ACE -> SDDL -> ACE cycle should always end up at the same point as the original.

As a side-note, the example omits the wspace in memberof-op. I suspect the ABNF is inexact, but it might be fiddly to fix because I don't know if '[wspace]'
would work for the form without {}.

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