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Hi Volker,

Thank you for submitting your question. We have created SR 2204070040007396 to track this issue. One of our engineer will respond soon. 

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Subject: [EXTERNAL] DELETE_PENDING behaviour change between Windows 2016 and Windows 2022?

Hello dochelp,

attached find two network traces that show different delete_on_close behaviour between Windows 2016 and Windows 2022.

The Win2016 trace can open a directory "x" that is held open but already deleted. The directory was created with frame 32/33, it was then opened (and held open) in 47/48. It was then "removed" or rather marked for deletoin with frames 56-62. With frame 64/65 you can see that an open with just FILE_READ_ATTRIBUTES access mask success fine.

The Win2022 trace does pretty much the same, however in frames 58/59 we get a DELETE_PENDING.

I'm asking because right now Samba behaves like Win2022 and some customer application fails with this behaviour.

We could not find an explanation for either behaviour in neither [MS-SMB2] nor [MS-FSA].

Can you explain where in the docs we could find which of the two behaviours is the correct one?


Volker Lendecke
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