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Hi Andreas,

I will research your question and let you know what I find. 

Best regards,
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Hi Andreas,

Thank you for contacting Microsoft Open Specifications Support. We created SR case TrackingID#2111290040007908 to track the issue. Please leave this case number in the subject line for future reference.

One of our engineers will contact you shortly.

Mike Bowen
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Hello dochelp,

I have some requests for clarification for:

=== snip ===

2.9 Constrained Delegation Information

The S4U_DELEGATION_INFO structure lists the services that have been delegated through this Kerberos client and subsequent services or servers. The list is used only in a Service for User to Proxy (S4U2proxy) [MS-SFU] request. This feature could be used multiple times in succession from service to service, which is useful for auditing purposes.<18> The S4U_DELEGATION_INFO structure is marshaled by RPC [MS-RPCE].

typedef struct _S4U_DELEGATION_INFO {
ULONG TransitedListSize;
[size_is(TransitedListSize)] PRPC_UNICODE_STRING S4UTransitedServices; } S4U_DELEGATION_INFO, *PS4U_DELEGATION_INFO;

S4U2proxyTarget: An RPC_UNICODE_STRING structure that MUST contain the name of the principal to whom the application can forward the ticket.

TransitedListSize: MUST be the number of elements in the S4UTransitedServices array.

S4UTransitedServices: MUST contain the list of all services that have been delegated through by this client and subsequent services or servers.

=== /snip ===

The S4U2proxyTarget seems to be expected to be a service principal name (SPN) without the realm part (host/<servername>). Is that correct? Does the format matter or can it be also <servername>$.

S4UTransitedServices seems to expect a list of SPNs (<service>/ <servername>@<realm<). Does this need to be host/<servername>@<realm> or can it also be in the for <servername>$@<realm>?

Thank you very much for your assistance.

Best regards


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