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Hi Metze

Thank you for contacting Microsoft Open Specifications Support. SR Case 2105010040000535 is created for you. Do leave this tag in the subject line for future tracking.
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Hung-Chun Yu
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Microsoft Open Specifications

Hung-Chun Yu
Escalation Engineer
Microsoft Open Specifications

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Hi Dochelp,

I want to clarify unexpected behavior (which is also not documented) of Windows server regarding the replay of SMB2 Create operations.

From our https://bugzilla.samba.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14449:

I think I basically know now how the create replay detection is supposed to work with pending opens.

I found the key hint in this presentation on page 24:https://www.snia.org/sites/default/orig/SDC2011/presentations/tuesday/DavidKruseMatthewGeorge_SMB2-2_Bigger_Faster_Scalier_Parts_I_and_II_combined-v1-0.pdf
The key point is that the server should return STATUS_FILE_NOT_AVAILABLE as long as the open is still processed and the server detects a channel failure after the client.

The strange thing is that [MS-SMB2] doesn't document this:

My tests against Windows revealed that the server code returns NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED instead of NT_STATUS_FILE_NOT_AVAILABLE.

When SMB2 leases are not used and only oplocks, then the replay is not detected at all and I'm getting NT_STATUS_SHARING_VIOLATION after 35 delay.

However I added test code to disconnect a connection when we get a create without replay flag, then I delay the request by 35 seconds.
During that period I return NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED to the replay attempts from the client in order to simulate the Windows server. The Windows client reports that ACCESS_DENIED to the application (e.g. explorer).

I changed the server code to return NT_STATUS_FILE_NOT_AVAILABLE, in that case the Windows client retries the operation like documented in [MS-SMB2]:

  <152> Section For the following error codes, Windows-based clients will retry the operation
  up to three times and then retry the operation every 5 seconds until the count of milliseconds
  specified by Open.ResilientTimeout is exceeded:




After 35-40 seconds the client reports the successful retry to the application.
I tested that with "smb2 leases = yes" and "smb2 leases = no", in both cases the client is happy.

Can you please document that behavior and discuss with the product team if this intended or (as I assume) it is just a bug in Windows.


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