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Hi Isaac,

I altered the Subject line to branch this to a separate email thread for your notes on [MS-CSSP] Windows Behavior Note <22> for section (SR 2106210040004026). I will not be addressing the point about the ServiceTicket in this case/thread, just the supplemental creds structure and flags. 

I will investigate the issues with this note, and let you know what I find. 

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Hi Isaac,

Thank you contacting Microsoft Open Specifications Support. Two cases have been created for this inquiry TrackingID#2106210040004166 and TrackingID#2106210040004026. Please leave the numbers in the subject line for reference. One of our team members will follow-up with you soon.

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Hello dochelp!

While working on adding TSRemoteGuardCreds to wireshark's credssp dissector, I noticed that the NTLM_REMOTE_SUPPLEMENTAL_CREDENTIAL
struct in MS-CSSP appendix <22> Section seems to be incorrect and the MSV1_0_CREDENTIAL_KEY actually comes before the MSV1_0_CREDENTIAL_KEY_TYPE.

It looks in fact quite like the below struct, could you amend it please.


Also the appendix only defines the LM_PRESENT and NT_PRESENT as flags, while on the wire I only see CREDKEY_PRESENT, could you please update the relevant flags and their meaning or add a link to it.

As a last note; the appendix says that "The ServiceTicket member within the KERB_TICKET_LOGON structure is a ticket to the computer account. Windows CredSSP clients will use Kerberos User to User tickets ([RFC4120], section 2.9.2) as the ServiceTicket" - however from the packet capture it looks like although a U2U ticket is used for the authentication in the credssp exchange, the ServiceTicket in the KERB_TICKET_LOGON is a regular service ticket, which the Windows client fetches before fetching the U2U one.

You may find a packet capture including the keys on my draft MR


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