[cifs-protocol] [EXTERNAL] [MS-DNSP] sticky static dns updates - TrackingID#2106070040005009

Douglas Bagnall douglas.bagnall at catalyst.net.nz
Thu Jul 8 03:50:42 UTC 2021

Thanks Jeff!

> I've been able to confirm that when a static record is added to a dnsNode, new records are added as static. This is done so that when a record is manually marked as static by an admin, refreshes don't over-ride the static state. This is tied to whether aging is turned on or off in the zone, which has been a feature of DNS since WS 2008. You can query the zone's aging property using the "Get-DnsServerZoneAging” powershell cmdlet.
> I can also confirm that when a record gets its timestamp refreshed, all of the dynamic records in the dnsNode are refreshed. DNS has always worked this way.

This clarification is very helpful.

I have tests that "prove" both of these things both ways, depending on 
the order with which I manipulate the records with LDAP and DNS. So it 
is good to know which I should aim for and which I can put down to 
artefacts of the way my tests interact with the looser coupling of DNS 
and AD in Windows.

I don't suppose there is any reliable method of putting aged records in 
Windows DNS for testing? I don't see a public testsuite for MS-DNSP.


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