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Hi Isaac,

Thank you contacting Microsoft Open Specifications Support. A case with TrackingID#2108090040003380 has been created for this inquiry. Please leave the numbers in the subject line for reference. One of our team members will follow-up with you soon.

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Subject: [EXTERNAL] Kerberos Constrained-Delegation in RODC environment

Hello dochelp!

I've been running some S4U tests in a RODC environment against fully updated Windows KDCs (supporting pac-ticket-signature). I noticed the following behavior when making a S4U2Proxy request to a RWDC, using a TGT and/or a 2nd ticket that was issued by a RODC (attached packet capture and keytab).

TGT | 2nd-ticket | kdc | result
rwdc | rwdc | rwdc | works
rwdc | rodc | rwdc | err-modified?
rodc | rwdc | rwdc | works!
rodc | rodc | rwdc | works!

You'd notice that test 3 and 4 both work, meaning the 2nd ticket can be issued by either a RWDC or a RODC, I guess the KDC checks the RODCIdentifier in the KDC PAC signatures (MS-PAC 2.8
PAC_SIGNATURE_DATA) in order to know what key to use to to verify the signature, but it isn't clearly documented afaict.

What I wonder about is test 2, this test uses a normal TGT with a 2nd ticket issued by a RODC, and we make the request against the RWDC, which knows the rodc-krbtgt_46673 key with which the pac-ticket was signed, so why does it fail with err-modified? Why is it worse than test 4 where both the TGT and the 2nd ticket were issued by RODC and it still works? And where is this error path documented (or should be)?


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