[cifs-protocol] [SR120012721001773] Clarify in MS-KILE how the KDC makes the decision

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Mon Jan 27 20:25:37 UTC 2020

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Hi Isaac,

Thank you for your question.  We created SR 120012721001773 and please leave this info in the subject line to track your issue.  An engineer will contact you soon.

Hung-Chun Yu
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Subject: [EXTERNAL] Clarification request about TGT forwarding within forest MS-KILE

Hello dochelp,

This is a followup question to:

Per my testing using updated Windows 2019, the TRUST_ATTRIBUTE_CROSS_ORGANIZATION_ENABLE_TGT_DELEGATION trust attribute is not required when both domains are in the same forest, and even if not set Windows KDC still set ok-as-delegate flag.

Could you please clarify in MS-KILE how the KDC makes the decision not to require ENABLE_TGT attribute when in the same forest, and whether the NO_TGT attribute applies in that case or not.


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