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Jeff McCashland jeffm at microsoft.com
Mon Oct 21 17:12:52 UTC 2019

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Hi slow,

Thank you for your file sharing question. We have created SR 119102121001551 to track this issue. One of our engineers will respond soon to assist. 

Best regards,
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Hello dochelp,

I'm currently looking into the USN journal spec in MS-FSA and MS-FSCC and I've come across something that looks like an omission.

MS-FSCC defines USN_REASON_FILE_CREATE, but when looking at MS-FSA it seems is missing a reference to USN_REASON_FILE_CREATE. In fact, USN_REASON_FILE_CREATE isn't referenced at all.

Clearly, when looking at a NTFS USN journal on a Windows 2019 server with fsutil.exe usn readJournal I see an entry added with reason containing "File create" which I assume is the human readable representation of USN_REASON_FILE_CREATE.

Can you please check and if indeed missing from the docs, please add it?


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