[cifs-protocol] 119030519730578 server response for oversized alternate data streams

Björn JACKE bj at SerNet.DE
Thu Mar 14 09:53:26 UTC 2019

Hello Edgar!

On 2019-03-14 at 03:56 +0000 Edgar Olougouna sent off:
> It is advised to follow the specification as much as applicable to a given protocol scenario, to enable a greater interoperability coverage between implementations.

thank you very much for your research and the answers on this! We'll see how to
move on with this now. It would be great if explorer could be changed to handle
the error case of STATUS_FILE_SYSTEM_LIMITATION for ADS writes also in a
similar graceful way like it does with VFAT, when no ADS support is there at
all, but this is out of the scope of this dochelp request of course.

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