[cifs-protocol] SMB_COM_LOCK_BYTE_RANGE lock conflict handling [REG:119060625002185]

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Hi Volker,

Thanks for the question. I have created case number 119060625002185 to track this issue and placed the number in the subject of this email. Please refer to it and leave it in the subject when communicating about this issue with our team. One of the Open Specifications team members will get back to you shortly.

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Tom Jebo
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Hi, dochelp!

Tom confirmed to me at SambaXP that I can still ask SMB1 questions, despite him having nice SMB1 deprecation stickers on his laptop :-)

Attached find a network trace against Windows 2012 R2. I am interested in the documentation for the difference between frames 28 and 35.
Frame 26 is a conflicting lock request for range 0xEEFFFFFF which is replied to immediately with LOCK_NOT_GRANTED. Frame 35 is pretty much the same query, but this time the reply is delayed by roughly 200 milliseconds and gives a different error: FILE_LOCK_CONFLICT.

Yes, this is a deprecated SMB_COM_LOCK_BYTE_RANGE, but this also happens with SMB_COM_LOCKING_ANDX for the same lock ranges.

There's another case where we get a deferred FILE_LOCK_CONFLICT: When trying repeatedly beating the same lock, the second and all subsequent failures receive FILE_LOCK_CONFLICT with a timeout, both for LOCK_BYTE_RANGE and LOCKING_ANDX. I can provide network traces for that too if required.

My *guess* is that the 200msec delay is a server optimization for some client application going mad, and the LOCK_NOT_GRANTED vs FILE_LOCK_CONFLICT is simply a "bug" in the deferred response routine.
But I'd need to see that network-visible protocol documented somewhere.



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