[cifs-protocol] [EXTERNAL] Re: [REG:119101421001093] MS-SMB2/FSA: File.LastModificationTime, update "lost" against Windows 2019

Sreekanth Nadendla srenaden at microsoft.com
Mon Dec 9 16:02:09 UTC 2019

Hello Ralph, I agree with you. The product team has final say on the level of details added under behavior note. I'll share the edits with you as soon as they are provided to me. Sometimes I get to see them almost the same time as Errata is released.

Sreekanth Nadendla
Microsoft Windows Open Specifications

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Am 11/5/19 um 5:26 PM schrieb Sreekanth Nadendla:
> Hello Ralph, in addition to the answer provided for the issue " 119101121001349 MS-SMB2: File.LastModificationTime updates for write IO vs setinfo" I would like to add the following to explain the behavior with approx 15ms delay.
> This is simply because the API NTFS uses to query the current time (KeQuerySystemTime) has a resolution of 15.625 ms, so when a smaller amount of time than that has passed it's not necessarily detectable.

good heaves! :) Good to know that.

It would be extremely helpful to see this in MS-FSA mentioned as Winodws implementation specific behaviour.


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