[cifs-protocol] [REG:118011717482742] domain logon limitations with Windows 10

Björn Jacke bjacke at samba.org
Thu Jan 18 11:38:24 UTC 2018

Hi Edgar,

On 18.01.2018 06:19, Edgar Olougouna wrote:
> The first thing I noticed is that the SMB 3.1.1 authentication is a Guest session. Before we delve into the specifics, I'd like to call out that the past few Windows releases have been gradually tightening up anonymous and guest logins. I will be looking whether you are experiencing any symptom related to a presumed login support change.

thanks a lot for that hint with the guest session. We could already make
a proof of concept patch for Samba, which shows that this is actually
the problem.

> 1.	Can you please elaborate on the application/scenario you are running on the client?
> 2.	What is the outcome if the client attempts to access an SMB3 share by authenticating with a domain user?
> 3.	Is there a difference if the share in 2) is on a server or a DC?
> 4.	What if it were a Guest session in 2) and the share is on a server? 
> 5.	Is the behavior you experienced specific to NT4-style DC or did you observe a behavior difference compared to Samba's latest DC functional level?

the Samba AD DC does not have that issue. The only issue was the
NT4-style domain logon but we can see now what we need to do better to
make that work with Windows 10. The case can be closed I think.

Thanks again!

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