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Hi Andreas,

Thank you for contacting the Open Specification Support Team regarding your SMB2 question. I have created a service request for your question and a member of the team will be reaching out to you regarding your issue.

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Hello dochelp,

The documentation currently state:

2.2.28 SMB2 ECHO Request

The SMB2 ECHO Request packet is sent by a client to determine whether a server is processing requests. This request is composed of an SMB2 header, as specified in section 2.2.1, followed by this request structure:

StructureSize | Reserved | StructureSize (2 bytes): The client MUST set this to 4, indicating the size of the request structure, not including the header.
Reserved (2 bytes): This field MUST NOT be used and MUST be reserved. The client MUST set this to 0, and the server MUST ignore it on receipt.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SMB2 Packet Header - ASYNC

SessionId (8 bytes): Uniquely identifies the established session for the command. This field MUST be set to 0 for an SMB2 NEGOTIATE Request (section
2.2.3) and for an SMB2 NEGOTIATE Response (section 2.2.4).

Is it allowed to set the sessionID to 0 for an SMB2 ECHO request too? It looks like Windows allows this.

In addition to the above question, if the client receives an error in the SMB2 ECHO response (STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER or STAUTS_USER_SESSION_DELETED) should the client terminate the connection to the SMB server?

Could you please clarify?

Thank you very much for your help.



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