[cifs-protocol] [REG:117010415132041] Wrong value for PROCESSOR_AMD_X8664 in MS-RPRN.

Nathan Manis nmanis at microsoft.com
Wed Jan 4 19:22:20 UTC 2017

Hi Andreas,

Thank you for contacting Microsoft.   We have received the report and reviewed the value documented in the MS-RPRN.   The value in the public header files is showing this to be 0x21D8 versus 0x22A0.   

Here is the value  (0x21D8 in hex) from the Windows SDK header file winnt.h:

	#define PROCESSOR_AMD_X8664     8664

Therefore, we will get a documentation update submitted to get the value updated.   Thank you for the report.

Best regards,

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[Dochelp to bcc]

Hi Andreas, 

We created SR 117010415132041 to track this.  An engineer will contact you soon. 


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Hello dochelp, 

[MS-RPRN] <65> Section Windows uses the following values: 

PROCESSOR_AMD_X8664 0x000022A0   --  AMD x64 compatible 

When talking to a Windows Server we see 0x000021D8 (8664) for the processor_type in a GetPrinter on the wire. It looks like the value documented in [MS-RPRN] is incorrect.

Could you please verify the value for PROCESSOR_AMD_X8664? 


Best regards, 


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