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Hi Andreas,

Do not reply to THIS e-mail.  I will make two cases for this issue and start two new threads; one each for each of your two issues.

The cases I made are:

116102514847681: [MS-PAR] Q 1/2 RpcAsyncInstallPrinterDriverFromPackage; performing additional validation steps
116102514847712: [MS-PAR] Q 2/2 RpcAsyncGetCorePrinterDrivers (Opnum 64); Where does someone find a copy of CorePrinterDrivers

An engineer from the protocols team will contact you soon on each of these.


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Hello Dochelp!

I have some questions about printer driver handling in [MS-PAR] RpcAsyncInstallPrinterDriverFromPackage

The print server SHOULD perform the following additional validation steps:

    This secion describes some steps but it lacks serveral details:

    Which sections of the printer-driver control file (inf-file, passed by
    pzInfPath) need to be inspected?

    If the driver is a v4 driver, which section of the Manifest (additional
    inf-File) need to be inspected?

    Also package-aware drivers ship with a Microsoft Catalog file
    (driver.cat) for each printer-driver control (inf-File). Does the Print
    server need to verify the catalog file and make sure the checksums in the
    Catalog files match to the files?

    It also isn't described at which step the Print Driver Package (cabinet
    file) needs to be generated.
} RpcAsyncGetCorePrinterDrivers (Opnum 64)

    The protocol assumes that we have a copy of the CorePrinterDrivers if the
    client requests them. Where does someone find a copy of those drivers so
    he can put it to the driver store of his 3rd-party implementation?

Can you please clarify?

Thank for your help!

Best regards,


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